Chickenpox spreading in mayapur

Recently our doctors have observed that there are multiple cases of chicken pox being reported to the hospital. Many of those who were affected are children. Our Dr Santosh Kumar Roy while advising on the precautions to be taken has said “Everyone should be aware of chickenpox and this infection is usually not occult (hidden). Infectivity usually starts 1-2 days before the rash and remains till all the skin lesions become dry and crusted (chicken pox lesions appear in crops and are fluid-filled followed by crusting). So devotees with chickenpox in their children, should not bring children to public places or let them mingle with other health children till all the skin lesions are crusted. Once the skin lesions have crested and fallen, then it is safe for the patient to go out and mingle in public.”  If there are symptoms please do not hesitate to call the hospital for help. We request devotees to exercise caution and restraint to keep our community healthy and safe.

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