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24 Hour Emergency

Emergencies and accidents don’t announce themselves. But when they occur, we are there for you 24 hours a day. You can rely on our medical team to quickly and efficiently react to help you when you need us the most.

General Out-Patient

Be it a simple fever or your regular need for medical check up or any other situation which needs medical attention, our doctors are there to help you, advise you and care for you. 

General In-Patient

Don’t worry if you need an admission. Our caring and efficient nursing team will quickly put you at ease, taking very good care of you, administering medications and taking care of your needs. Our upgraded In patient facilities are meant to deliver high standard of patient comfort.

Natural Birthing

Now expectant parents don’t have to run here and there to delivery their precious bundle of joy. Our highly experienced and beloved mid-wife Krsna Laulya devidasi and her team are now available to guide you all the way from pregnancy planning to safe natural delivery and post-natal care. You can experience the comfort of home birth in our natural birth centre.

Eye Care

Your eyes are most precious for you and so it is for us. Therefore we have the state of the art eye equipment, expert & highly experienced surgeon and technicians to take care of you eyes. Be it an infection or vision correction or removal of cataract you can confidently rely on our team to take care of all your needs to your satisfaction.

Dental Care

Be it basic dental hygiene needs or tooth extraction or braces or smile correction or root canal or dental implants – we are the one-stop solution for all your dental needs. Our expert team of senior & internationally trained dentist, orthodontist and implantologist can guide you and see you through all your dental treatments and needs. 

Diabetes Management

Don’t let your sugar levels get better of you. Consult our Diabetes expert Dr. Soumik Debnath for all your comprehensive Diabetes management needs, be it moderating the medication levels, or advise on appropriate diet and physical exercise etc., he is your “go to” doctor for all your needs. 

Minor Surgical Procedures

Now you don’t have to run out of Mayapur for every simple procedural needs. With Dr. Santosh Kumar Roy, you are in safe hands – be it stitches, corrections and any sort of minor surgical procedures, you can safely get it done in our hospital and save all the hassle. 

Palliative Care

Many devotees dream of leaving their body in the holy Dham of Mayapur and we are committed to serve their sacred desire with your expertise in Palliative care and Pain Management. Our Dr. Harsha Makkam, Intensive Care expert and anaesthesiologist has served many devotees in terminal stage, helping them to leave their body at the best possible level of comfort.


Ouch…. that sudden sprain or muscle pull or twist which happens from nowhere – but you know you that the relief is just a call away. From simple pain relief to complicated rehabilitation needs our expert physiotherapists are available for your service. We have male and female physio as per your needs. We also offer personalised packages for pain management, weight loss etc.

Specialist Consultants

Emergencies and accidents don’t announce themselves but we are ready to care for you when you face one. Rely on our 24 hour medical coverage to react quickly and efficiently when you are in dire need. Our doctors are there for you, when you need them the most.



Dr. Manosij Maity, our Neuro-Psychiatrist is available for consultation for all your mental health related needs, once a month. He is a highly trained professional, having trained and practised in few of the premier mental health institutions in India. You can be rest assured of high levels of confidentiality and professional service to take mental health and wellness needs.

Diagnostic Lab services

 We have state of the art equipment, highly trained technicians and very experienced doctors looking at your samples and giving you the most accurate and reliable results for all your testing needs. We have many packages tailor made of various test needs and we offer generous discounts for your regular testing needs. 

Medical Imaging

Our FREE CT Scan service is already very popular in this area bringing in advanced imaging services to the most needy. We also have digital x-ray and Ultra sound services for covering almost all your imaging needs. With expert technicians and doctors, quick turn around time for reports, you can rest assured that all your needs will be well taken care. 

Home Sample Collection

Order a test from the comfort of your home. Our sample collections services are just a phone call away. Our response is very quick and our phlebotomist are well trained to take out blood samples very efficiently with least discomfort. You also get your results online, download and view them from anywhere. 

24 Hour Pharmacy

Our efficient and customer friendly Pharmacy is active round the clock fulfilling your prescriptions. All your prescriptions are audited by qualified and expert pharmacist for any inadvertent medical errors. We offer the most economical prices for all high quality branded medicines. We offer generous volume discounts and discounts for regular medical purchases. We also home deliver medicines within Mayapur quickly and efficiently. 

Tele Medicine

We have an impressive line up of international medical experts from all over the Globe on our tele-medical list. Get their expert consultation or a second opinion to reassure yourself. We bring technology at your service and world renowned expertise at your door steps for addressing all your medical needs. 

24 Hour Ambulance

Our fleet of modern and well equipped ambulances are on standby 24 hours a day to respond to your emergency or routine medical transport needs. Our ambulances offer high level of comfort and safety to the patients. Our stretchers of state of the art facilitating easy and quick patient movement in and out of the ambulance. We have both ICU grade ambulances with advanced medical equipment and normal ones with oxygen supply. 

Rest assured, we are here to care...

Call our 24 hour reception to fix an appointment or for any further information. Click on the WhatsApp icon to instantly connect to the Reception or Pharmacy or Ambulance. Feel free to leave message by submitting the contact form besides,  in case you want us to get back to you.

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