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While we have many good healthcare facilities in towns and cities, delivering quality healthcare in rural regions is the biggest challenge in India. Ironically, this is the most deserving population who cannot afford to travel in search of healthcare. Our project in Mayapur, a rural region of  West Bengal brings quality healthcare where it most needed.

Transparency and accountability

Our experienced CSR team are very professional in maintaining the documentation from end to end offering a hassle-free and highly transparent process for utilising the funds. Our impact reporting is very detailed and granular, coming at a frequency and length of time you can chose. 

Cloud Storage for ease of access

All our legal documents, financials, government-issued certificates, tax exemption status, clinical licenses and other licenses can be easily accessed and downloaded from this page at any time for verification at your convenience. They are neatly indexed and arranged for ease of access and referencing.

Association with institutions of repute

We are already associated with reputed public sector and private donors. Our clean track record has ensured that we build long-lasting relationships with our CSR partners and donors.  We are getting repeated support from our existing CSR partners stands as a tall testimony to this fact.

Impact Reporting

While we keep a clean,  well-documented and verifiable record of our beneficiaries, We are also open to audit by independent auditors to ensure that the intended impact is visibly and verifiably delivered.

Current CSR Patrons And Contributors
  • Indian Railways Finance Corporation, New Delhi
  • Coal India – Kolkata
  • Kotak Mahindra Bank – Mumbai
  • Jay Foundation, Kolkata
  • Dhunseri Group, Kolkata

Corporates that Trust Us

Ongoing CSR journey

Indian Railways Finance Corporation 

Indian Railways Finance Corporation ​has extended CSR support for the supply and installation of a CT Scan machine in the hospital valued at 2.98 crores. Based on this we provide free basic CT Scan service to all patients.

Coal India

 Coal India has provided CSR support for the civil works for the entire second floor of the new building at a value of 2.44 crores. 

Kotak Mahindra Bank

Kotak Mahindra Bank supplied 2 Nos. ICU-grade ambulances in 2022 valued at 48 lakhs and they have shown keen interest to further support the project continuously.

Jay Foundation

Jay Foundation is a  Kolkata-based charitable foundation that has supplied various medical equipment valued at about 50 lakhs with a commitment to ongoing yearly support.

Dhunseri Group

Dhunseri Group is a Kolkata-based group that extended CSR support of 1 crore towards the design the construction of the new hospital building.

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Latest Progress

Project Phases

This rural healthcare project is being promoted by SRIDHAM MAYAPUR DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION (SMDF) under their charitable cultural & spiritual tourism development “Sri Chaitanya Cultural World Heritage Centre”. The hospital project is one of the significant portions of the overall development of this project. SMDF management has allocated 5 acres of prime land for the development of the hospital and related rural healthcare infrastructure. 

The Phase 1 of this project, the existing basic hospital is already operational benefitting thousands of rural populations every year, giving them access to critical and general healthcare either free of cost or at a highly subsidised and affordable cost. You can learn more about our present services here.

Please find an overview of other Phases below:

Phase 2

100-bed multi-speciality Hospital, Natural Birthing Centre & Palliative Care Unit.


50 Crores


The structure of the main building is completed. 
Brickwork and installation of services are ongoing. 

Completion By

Late 2024/ Early 2025

Progress Update

Click here to view the construction progress.

Project Report

You can seek access to the detailed project report for this project here.

Phase 3

25-bed traditional Ayurvedic Hospital, wellness centre, and the Centre for Integrated Medicine with in-patient and out-patient facilities. 
Ayurvedic Teaching and Training Institute for Therapists and Assistants.


20 Crores


Under the Planning and concept finalisation stage.
Detailed design is yet to start.

Starts In

October 2024

Completion By

Late 2025

Phase 4

250-bed Super-speciality tertiary care hospital. 
Nursing training institute
Paramedical training institute
PG courses for medical graduates.


To be confirmed


Planning and overall concept are yet to start.

Start In

October 2028

Completion By

Late 2030


Social Impact of our Initiatives


 With many versatile diagnostic imaging options CT Scans have nowadays become a very critical resource for proper diagnosis and life-saving treatments.

However, the cost of CT scans is mostly out of reach for the poor. We are bridging that critical gap by providing ongoing FREE CT SCAN services to anyone who approaches the hospital with a proper prescription by any qualified doctor.

Our state-of-the-art CT Scanner is one of its kind in the region bringing high-quality medical imaging absolutely free to this rural population

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The region’s villagers are so poor that they neglect their regular health needs just to avoid the cost of travel. 
We therefore go to them with FREE medical camps. In our medical camps, the villagers get:

  • Free General Checkup
  • Free blood sugar checking
  • Free vision checking 
  • Free dental health check-ups 
  • Free mensural and Gynaecological check-ups for women
  • Free ECG
  • Free medicines as per the prescription
  • Highly subsidised Pathology and other related tests
  • Highly subsidised Ultrasound test
  • Free CT Scan
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Consistent with our strong belief that access to high-quality healthcare is right for all, we do not refuse any patient whom we are capable of treating simply due to their economic condition. Our doctors are empowered to subsidise the patient treatment cost or give completely free treatment then and there. 

As it is, our costs are heavily subsidised with the sole aim of making the facilities available for all irrespective of their caste, creed, religion or economic background. Every day a few poor patients walk in with hope and leave with a smile of satisfaction. That smile is priceless.

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