"I hope by this time your HEALTH has improved, and as you are doing such important work for Krishna, you must be careful to take proper care of your health."

Srila Prabhupada letter September 9, 1979

Our Values


Wholesome treatment to the body and Soul


We understand that real compassion is to preach Krishna Consciousness. We will render our service in such a manner that all stakeholders understand & and appreciate the value of Krishna Consciousness and are encouraged to practice and propagate this in their own lives.


 We understand that good personal care greatly expedites healing and recovery. We will deliver care in such a way that it shows in the way we speak, act, and serve our patients and others. We will deal with each other humanely even in the most challenging circumstances.


We are committed to delivering the best quality medical care to our patients in the most professional manner. We will show our commitment by being there and doing the needful even if it means stepping beyond the call of duty. We will show our commitment by adhering to our mission, values and policies in ordinary times as well as in the most challenging circumstances.


We understand that by cooperation only we can offer the best service to our patients. Our culture is to promote internal cooperation to deliver a seamless Patient care experience. We agree to step beyond our call of duty to cooperate to make each others’ services easier, better, and more meaningful to us and our beneficiaries. 

Interpersonal dealings:

Our mutual relationships flourish based on our 4C value statements. We nurture a highly motivating service environment which enables everyone to excel in their respective service. We strive to cultivate meaningful relationships between all stakeholders which adds value to each other lives. We agree to follow the following general guidelines in our dealings with each other and with the beneficiaries:

  • We will always work as a team acknowledging and appreciating the contribution of each stakeholder to the outcome. 
  • We will address each other affectionately with appropriate decorum.
  • We will always deal respectfully with our service authorities.  
  • We will complete the services assigned to us by our service authorities promptly, with care and efficiency.  
  • We will generally obey our service authorities. In case of any disagreement, we will express it in an appropriate manner giving proper reasoning and with respect.  
  • We will keep the 4Cs central in all our dealings with everyone.
Let us serve The

dhamvasis together

You can consider this is your unique opportunity to multiply your spiritual credits to multi-fold by serving the residents of the holy Mayapur – Nabadvip Dham or you can take a humanitarian approach of  bringing world-class health care to the under privileged of this region – either way, you are the winner when you contribute to our services. 

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